What are all the businessplans worth?

 Imagine you have been a start-up company in Fukushima, focusing on real estate, just shortly before the nuclear-plant catastrophe. You did great calculations on your business, now it’s nothing worth any longer.

I would love to see all these fancy calculations Volkswagen did just shortly before the emission crisis.

How did the EU states like Germany plan the spending on refugee camps – millions of Euros were spent and now wasted on new buildings? Now there are no longer refuges coming in these masses. Just one of many examples here

So, should we no longer do calculations?

My answer: yes you should – but see it as one of many tools for your business strategy – and do not rely too much on the numbers.

For me it is more important to:
  • Have a great idea – actually, have many great ideas
  • Know the business you are in and your competitors
  • Know the needs of your customers
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Try not to bet all your belongings on this one great idea – you should be able to earn your living without these ideas
  • Start small
  • Expand step by step while testing your model
  • Best would be you have a business model, which you can test on your existing customers and get right away their feedback
  • Try not to invest but work with the revenues generated in your existing business (except for those start-up companies starting from scratch – here: try to identify a strategic partner and work together with him)
  • Work with and hire the right people, who believe in your dreams – but always include in your team somebody who has the possibility and power to stop you at some point (safe-break) – and don`t mob him/ her for speaking up and letting you fall
  • And finally: make daily / weekly / monthly small businessplans – only doing the math for the next one or two steps without looking too much into the future.
The one who says he knows what’s going to happen and does all these fancy calculations for the next 1-5 years - I call him a fortune teller, not a wise business man.

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