These moments you missed in life

Yesterday I went on a hike with my little family and my two kids. Before we left, my older daughter packet all the stuff she thought were important for her to explore the world together with her little sister, dad and mom. See picture: an ear spy to listen into the woods, a magnifying glass to explore the little bugs and ants, a sling shot to train her skills in shooting stones and hitting targets like leaves inside the lake, a rope for any case, a frisbee and a calculator to count all the things she saw and discovered.

We truly had a wonderful time and unforgettable moments in the Nenzinger Himmel (, a paradise!
We hiked up to the local lake (Hirsch Seele) and had a barbecue.

One thing struck my mind when we returned back home: what if this day was my last one on this planet, what would I have missed? What would be the one thing where, if possible, I would give everything to be able to turn back time and catch up on when there was still the time for?

This one thing (I already know) where I would give everything to be able to turn back time and catch up on when on the deathbed will be: jumping into the cold water of the lake together with my two daughters! I refused yesterday, even though my two kids jumped and would have loved to see me join them. I refused, because the water was cold.

What a moment in life I have missed! Imagine, you on the deathbed and able to turn back time but this time you jump into the cold lake together with your loved ones, having fun even though it is cold!

One lesson I got out of this: luckily I had a lot of great moments already with my little family. However, I see how fast life is moving. My older daughter is turning 7 this October, the other one 2 years younger. They grow up very fast. Each day you miss spending great time with them is a lost day, never ever coming back. In retrospect, I have missed one special moment in life because I wanted to stay comfortably warm, not leaving the comfort zone! Shame on me! Shame on the comfort zone!

Get out of your comfort zone as often as possible because life is short. And only after you have done things outside of your comfort zone you will truly feel life and realize what life stands for! Staying inside of your comfort zone will make you feel regret, the way I feel regret for what I have missed yesterday.
Sommer mädchen04 Jul 12:22
Einer dieser typischen "Marmeladenglasmomente" - wundervoller Beitrag!
Vi sion05 Jul 11:41
Wunderschön und so wahr...Tränchen in den Augen...!

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