Mein perfekter Arbeitsplatz

You need a work place which allows you to focus according to the tasks you want to accomplish. I have actually implemented a set of different workplaces for myself to be productive. There is my desk where I am just sitting on and writing. This is the main desk and chair I spend my days on. But if I want to focus on reading something I move to my reading desk, which is just a few meters away, but has a nice view and nicer lights. It actually doesn’t matter how it looks like - it is just that I know if I want to do different tasks, I move to different places. You need to be physically aware of what you want to achieve and adapt your surroundings to it. If you don’t have a specific place assigned to working at home - you shouldn’t be working at home. I remember my friend from school, she is always stated that she can do so many things on the same time. She would speak on the phone with me, while watching TV and studying for her school, lying in Bed. I just wonder why she had to repeat classes? I was always really bad in multi-tasking. This is something I learned about myself. It is actually a skill which helps me today to get things done. When I read, I read - if I am fully in the zone I don’t even hear people talking to me or a phone ring. But this works best if I am in the right place and comfortable with what I am doing in the moment. 

Look at the different situations and roles in your life. What do you need to do and get done on a daily basis. You should dedicated spaces of your calendar and your home and office to specific tasks. These spaces don’t need to be big - but they should be single purpose. It’s like your bed: your bed should be single purpose: it should be for sleeping: sleeping alone and sleeping with each-other! :-)

Fo Cused30 Oct 21:20
You`r absolutely right! Because I know you and your workstyle, I know that you not only talk the talk but also walk the talk. Your success in business proves you right!
Heizungs Oel21 Nov 16:00
No, that's not true! If you sleep, eat and work on the same desk, thenm the food for example, will inspire you for new ideas.
Christoph Maichelreplyin reply to Heizungs Oel21 Nov 17:41
That's actually an interesting thought. You might be very right - having taste inspire the brain to new input - I like that.

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