Ucarver – my new urban mobility

I saw this e-roller the first time about 2 years ago on a visit to Vienna. The guy riding it told me, he would never give it back!

Now I have 2 of them (one for me and one for my wife) since August. And I have to say: I love it and use it daily. I ride it to my work, I travel faster to the train-station – here it is easy to load it on the train. I can even roll it like a normal roller in pedestrian zones or when the battery would be empty (this never happened until now). It is registered as a bicycle, but can be used as a normal roller where bicycles are not allowed. It has a long range, goes fast and is charged fast. If I have to use the car for some distance, I choose the first parking garage at the end of the high-way and then hop on the Ucarver. Mostly parking-fees are cheaper outside of the center and actually I am faster in the middle of the town with the carver. I can even charge it inside of the car! The e-roller is very robust, made in Austria and not in China. It can be used in all kinds of weather conditions (except of snow – but here cars also have their problems).

I am looking for mobility which is carbon free – and this e-roller is exactly what I was looking for! And: my kids love it – if children love something, it is usually something special. If they refuse to walk, they just sit on it - you can turn the handelbars around and use the roller like a kind of "buggy" - e-driven! You can even use it to drag havey stuff such as a beer carte.

From the comments I receive daily: from old to young, from punks to non-punks – all find it cool. I had not one negative response but only responses of joy and excitement. An old man at the train station once told me: if he would not be 93 years and probably die anytime, he would buy one for himself. I told him that it is never too late and we can never be sure how long we will stay on this planet. But the time we are on the planet, we should find ways to save it for our next generation. The Ucarver is a start for me - as long as the electricity is generated by renewable sources. Luckily we have water-power in our region for this source.

See their website: http://www.ucarver.com

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