IVF today: a commodity in a fragmented market. How to escape the red ocean

A baby resulting from an IVF procedure fulfills many criteria which define commodities such as sugar or oil. Patients are happy that they were helped, but for sure it is not of such importance from where it derived. And still, if it is of importance which doctor or clinic helped, patients often keep it secret. This, next to minimal fear of “harming patients” when they do not conceive, nurtures price competition. Competition on pricing often ends in diversification due to lack of truly new inventions. When companies start fighting over similar diversification, they are often one step closer to bankruptcy. The IVF market also fulfills many criteria of a fragmented market (definition: a marketplace where there is no one company that can exert enough influence to move the industry in a particular direction), which again fosters a down words spiral on the whole market segment. So, how to escape this vicious cycle? Let me help you understand through my talk.

Where: Ukrainian International IVF Congress

When: 22-23 September 2016

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