Simple rules on losing weight and staying slim

What we have to know about dietary habits and food / nutrition:

1. Not everybody is equal – just like plants. This is a fact!

Some plants need lots of water like swamp flowers, others very few such as a cactus – orchids need other fertilizers then grass. Similar in humans.

  • So check your DNA to find out, which nutrition fits your genotype (could well be that you do not metabolize well the tomato but can eat cholate in masses without raising your blood-sugar levels / affecting your body composition).

2. People not eating/ starving are not obese: this is a fact!

So, there is a direct link between eating and body-weight. You do not have to starve!

  • Eat half or: eat same amount but only every second day (Homo sapiens 100.000 years ago did not have food every day)

You will see yourself, how fast you lose weight! Without Yo-Yo effect when you keep the regimen, which should be easy.

With this regimen, you will also feel much more energized over the day.

If you did the DNA-testing, then accordingly you could optimize the whole diet and eat on the days without food some fruits, vegetables depending on your genotype.

3. Exercise / movement burns calories. Muscles need training, otherwise they dwindle. These are facts!

  • 20-30 minutes a day of exercise is more than enough (you can also do it every second day for 30-40 minutes – I recommend to have it daily and make it to a habit!)

How to exercise:

30 minutes regimen – this can be done at home in front of the TV:

-        10 minutes of low-weight all body (without pausing)

-        5 minutes high-weight upper body (without pausing)

-        5 minutes belly (without pausing)

-        10 minutes 60-70% of maximum intensity cardiovascular

Whatever you do with exercise (by the way: swimming is also very good or Nordic walking outside in the nature which clears your mind from the stress of the day) keep the rule:

1/3 low-weight all body

1/6 heavy weight upper body

1/6 belly

1/3 cardiovascular with 60-70% of maximal intensity

Now: Have fund losing weight and staying slim!

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