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Reproductive Medicine & Window of (Embryo) Implantation

Scientific presentation by the group of Zech Nicolas, 2016 ( Improving synchronicity between embryo and endometrium for slow developing embryos by transfer ...

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The predictive value of static morphologic and cinematographic analysis for genetic normalcy in human embryos

The human embryo is unique in its imperfection regarding genetic euploidy. This fact is thought to be one of the main reasons for implantation failure and spontaneous abortion. To date, several tec...

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Debate: IVM results are as good as IVF

For in vitro maturation (IVM), oocytes are retrieved at of the prophase of the first meiotic division before final cytoplasmatic and nuclear maturation occurs. Although IVM was introduced in ART mo...

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Reproductive Medicine - Not true: If you are not using time-lapse as part of your culture system, your patients are disadvantaged

Summary of the talk by Nicolas Zech at COGI 2015 ( The ultimate goal in ART is to achieve a singleton pregnancy with birth of a heal...

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